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Devoted slave

“ I kneel hands behind my back before you ready for inspection , offering you my service awaiting for your approval,

I quiver at the thought , excitement , entering the world where pain becomes great pleasure . I love the way you look down at me confirming my unworthiness, the sweet yet firm words from your mouth , your cruel, provacative whispers in my ears, hypnotised by your beauty . My purpose in life to serve. My lady you bring out this purpose at its best making me want to push my own boundaries explore more . Setting new tasks . No time with you is ever the same .

THANKYOU my lady V I enjoy our times together . I recognise I am nothing to you and accept my place but to me you are everything . I truly am grateful and glad to have found you .. your forever undevoted Slave . “

Kinky Kaz


Kinky Kaz often serves me , she loves to please me by putting on kinky leather skirt and frilly white blouse . I order her to strut around and learn her curtesy. She loves the feel of leather.  I reward her by taking photos and showing her how feminine she looks !

Unfortunately for Kaz she still needs to be slut trained more …. she will learn obedience.


Human toilet





Gary was here for the night.  He arrived at 8pm. I always get secretly excited from a visit from him. He is a  great slave bringing me and my friends lots of alcohol to drink and a special gift for me.   He understands the more alcohol I drink the more I want to pee. This excites him as the more he can drink too. Although this night I told him I could tell he was particularly thirsty so I would invite two other friends round to drink too. One of course being a male.

Me me and my male friend had fantastic fun together next door whilst Gary lie tied up, gagged with his toilet seat over him. Gary loves to listen to us.

After fun with my male friend I always like to have a nice long pee, which Gary was very thankful for. My male friend also was desperate to pee which I ordered him to give to Gary the toilet.

Rules for Gary are always as follows:

1. You will always keep your eyes wide open and look at your user.

2. Once I have places the open funnel gag over your mouth you will swallow all liquids presented to you.

3. Once your user has completed your funnel gag will be removed and you will offer to clean them up with toilet paper or any other means the user wishes.

4. Once you user is complete you thank them.

It was a fabulous night , my other friend Mistress Lacroix joined too. We was up chatting, drinking, laughing. Even once we fell asleep we all kept getting up desperate for a pee. Gary our human toilet slave had a great night too.