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Lady Veronica – Northamptonshire Mistress – Longer Sessions


If you’re looking to really serve me, deepen your BDSM experience and submit for more than a couple of hours I recommend a Lunch/Dinner or overnight session. These are my favourite sessions.

You may want to serve me by taking me to a fine restaurant whilst I choose our meals, you wearing interesting devices under your clothes that I of course control, then returning to play and sleep locked in your held prisoner. I hold the key. Or maybe you just want to chat first over a meal before retiring back to kinky playtime.

I encourage you to cook for me under my supervision (this option only allowed by me if you can genuinely cook ) a three course meal. You will of course provide all the food and champagne for me to eat and drink.. If I really am feeling mean you will be tied up, forced to watch me eat and drink and if you’re a really good boy I will then feed you my sloppy left overs.

You can of course treat me like a princess and spoil me, you can take me shopping in the day first (£500 min spend), book a luxury hotel with separate rooms for the evening (or a cage in a suite you can sleep in) with a 3 course meal. Of course I expect the best suite with the best bed in the hotel after all a girl needs her beauty sleep.

If you really want to please and serve me I suggest you book us a weekend away or holiday to one of my favourite destination. You will be priveledge to have my presence with you for so long. It maybe you have a business trip and need an executive lady to accompany you who looks the part. Separate rooms will be required all times plus our itinerary will be made up by moi… It may be you do not feel you are worthy to go away with such a beautiful goddess. In this case feel free to book and pay for a holiday for myself and a partner to one of my favourite destinations. I will make sure you can see each day what you’re missing out on!

I also love spending an evening in the casino, where I get to spend your money…

I am always open to suggestions.

Also I have other friends male and female who can join be it lunch, dinner, overnight or extended overnights. I suggest you e mail me first.