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Lady Veronica – Northamptonshire Mistress – Profile


Life is a journey, people are bought to us for different reasons. You have stumbled across this website for a reason….

My Interests/expectations

I am an English Mistress, interested in attracting gentlemen who feel privileged to worship a refined, elegant and sophisticated lady with a dark side to her.

I enjoy most fetishes and role play scenarios, together I want us to make them reality.

I want to meet intelligent, interesting men. I am a fun person too, I enjoy someone I can resonate with. When the time comes to be wicked I can be very mean. Think of me like the habit you want to give up but just can’t..the more you resist the stronger the urge. I am a powerful strong woman. Men are enchanted by my beauty. I have been told I have a very captivating and enticing aura, once entered you will feel trapped.

I Look and act very feminine in every way, I enjoy girlie things like having nails done, hair styled, wearing make up, classy skirts, dresses, shoes . If you do too I can encourage you to be whoever you want to be. I am a very persuasive person.

I believe a woman should be treated like a goddess, shopping sprees, holidays, gifts are just some things that women should indulge and be treated to by a man. I of course believe I deserve the best! I am particularly keen on a man who likes to put his hand in his pocket!

Interested in what you have read so far? Read on more. Learn more about me.

Welcome to My World….

You are indeed very privileged to be here….

I am Veronica, I am very fortunate as i am educated to degree level in Psychology, I hold a higher national diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist and healer.

From a young age I realised the power women had over men. My mother being a control freak. She held a lot of power over my father, in the nicest possible way, she was strict, bossy and demanding. She oozed femininity, a true strong beautiful woman. She would manipulate my father into agreeing, thinking and doing things her way, also demanding money for her up keep. My father was putty in her hands.

As I grew older my mother made it very clear that the masculine point of view was not welcome in our household and men was there for our convenience and pleasure. She played the dominant role in the household as a result my father was always the secondary role.

Naturally Installed in my belief system is that women have great power over men. Having a special gift of being intuitive I am able to get into your psyche.

I will take charge whether it be punish you, trap you, humiliate you, reject you, force you, order you about, summons you, basically just select your choices in life.

In time you will recognise that you are need me and are indeed nothing without me.

Know that I am never wrong, and everything is always your fault. Each time you dare try voice your opinion to me understand that unless we are the same views your views will be mocked and never count. Through manipulation, intimidation, you will indeed be putty in my hands.

Our relationship will be fun and beautiful it will always run smoothly, MY WAY, It’s what you secretly want.

I own you, I believe in you and know what’s best for you and I will bring out your inner submissiveness. The one that wants to worship me, be close to me, be controlled by me, you know you crave this, an escape from your normal boring world.

Together we will explore a more exciting world, fear will become your new best friend. I will bring you to the edge of your limits and stretch them as far as they go at a pace that is suitable for you. Know that you are safe with me. I will always respect Your limits. Now you have entered my world, your new world begins.

My Stats

  • I am age 36 years old
  • Size 8 -10 and 34 C bust
  • Long brunette hair and hazel eyes
  • Slim toned tanned
  • Regularly use the gym