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Lady Veronica – Northamptonshire Mistress – Sessions


I prefer you to e mail or phone me directly so we can personalise your session. Included in the e mail or phone call will be a bit about yourself, your name, age etc, the type of experience/fantasy you want in detail, how you feel I can assist you, I do not offer a one session for all, this would never work and be very boring for me and you, I want to find out what makes you tick.

I enjoy sessions with men and the activities I particularly like are as follows:

Fantasy/roleplays – Role play brings out the inner actress in Me, drama was always my favourite subject in school, therefore scripted fantasy is something that I really enjoy. I particularly enjoy kidnap, head mistress, cruel boss, black mailing scenarios.

I also love hearing about your role playing suggestions, so do make sure you email Me an articulate message outlining the scenario from beginning to end. I am also very imaginative so therefore if you have an idea but can’t express I can write the story for you.

Some ideas for roleplays are as follows:

  • 10 of the best – sent to headmistress for punishment
  • In trouble with the Boss at work
  • Sissy play (please see further down the page on website for more info )
  • Blackmailing bunny boiler / affair – demanding shopping trips, money etc in order for her not to tell your wife
  • Double domme kidnap – meeting in a hotel bar
  • Fetish of most kind including balloons, fur, rubber, pvc, tights, stockings
  • Abandonment – tied up left, neglected, whilst I basically get on with my life
  • Foot worship and foot fetish play

Do you long to worship the graceful feet of beautiful Veronica?

I have very feminine perfect feet they are UK size 5.5, My toe nails are always painted beautifully

I am also a hugh fan of sandals, high heeled shoes and boots, I have an ever growing selection of shoes and boots I like to prance around in. The higher the heel the better! Maybe you want to watch me walk around in my high heels. Or perhaps you rather I walk all over you with My heels. Grovel at My feet and kiss, massage, suck my toes and soles.

My enjoy list in this area are as follows:

  • Foot worship
  • Foot and leg massage
  • Toe sucking
  • Bare feet
  • Stockings, Nylons, Fishnets
  • Stinky foot fetish
  • Trampling
  • For the discerning foot connoisseur, select a pair of shoes, boots or sandals for Me (Christian louboutins or Vivienne Westwood preferred or see my GIFTS page ) then worship at My feet

More of my BDSM Interests:

CBT, electrics, cock whipping and caning, pegs and clamps
Corporal punishment – over the knee spanking, and anything ranging from gentle CP roleplays up to judicial whippings and canings.
Anal play /strap on
Electrical Torture – using violet wand
Nipple torture
Wax play
Kidnap scenarios
Humiliation – of any kind (inc small penis)
Puppy/pony training
Financial slavery/blackmail – online, phone or in person.
Cuckolding – you don’t get to do any sexual services with me, you’re not good enough, but I will gladly force you to watch me with someone who IS
Face sitting /smothering – this is CLOTHED facesitting I will never facesit nude and do not encourage or expect any kind of intimate worship from you at any time
Domination-style wrestling /Scissoring (completely non-competitive, where I am dominant throughout) Will be done in a bikini or gym wear.
Caging – few hours, daytime/overnight, weekend
Forced feminisation/sissy training – I have a special boudoir, wigs, make up, shoes outfits etc i can include maid /slut training – I will boss you about, humiliate you, it takes a lot to keep my place clean and tidy and I am very fussy ! I can teach you how to do hair, make up etc, Also I can include photos of the new you
Double Domme/Mean bitches – this is where 2 girls turn on you in a session, Use and abuse you for their own pleasure. I also offer sessions where a Master or female sub can join instead of a domme.

Being a qualified counsellor /hypnotherapist / healer (reiki teacher ) I can also incorporate any hypnotherapy, counselling or healing in any session, This can be done alone as a session or beg or end of a session. If you are a first timer this may benefit you, It is a great way to discuss your feelings or expectations to someone neutral non judgement, Healing is also great therapy for giving you positive energy feeling spiritually connected to yourself, It is not in anyway religious

Please note I will not do hypnotherapy, counselling or healing whilst dominating you at the same time, this is not recommended to be safe for yours or my health.

I am friendly and approachable but can be mean and strict when it matters the most

IMPORTANT – I DO NOT OFFER ANY SEXUAL SERVICES, Please do not think it will be a challenge you will just waste both our time, If you want me to arrange a female sub to come in a session this can be done at an extra cost to you,