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Lady Veronica – Northamptonshire Mistress – Distance Domination


WhatsApp /Skype video camming chat /£1.75 a minute (min 20minute session)

I am now able to offer paid video chat through WhatsApp or Skype services . Please note this are mistress sessions clothed and not in anyway am I nude or playing with sex toys .. However I will expect you to be naked and perhaps if the mood takes my fancy I might ask you to conduct a toy show for me ..

If you would like to book a video camming session I ask you to contact me via email I will forward payment details . I would then need to know a bit about your fetish /Dom interests , what equipment /props you have etc . A bit of begging to serve me via this way always scores brownie points too ..

PHONE CHAT / TEXTING £1.50 a minute (15minutes min session)

I am also able to offer phone chat or silent calls if video camming is not an option . These too can be booked by email or texting me.

I am also able to offer paid emailing sessions .

If you’re unsure of ideas I have some great idea/ scenarios for you :


Your wife has had one of her busy days shopping whilst you have been at home cleaning the house .

The phone rings “ be a dear and make sure I have some extra bubbly bubbles in my bath “.

Nervously you start running a bath . This isn’t the first bath you have ran for your wife and you know it won’t be the last .

After what seems like ages of waiting you hear the door bell ringing . You answer straight away knowing it will be your wife as she never uses her key .

“Derek be a dear and pour 2 glasses of wine bring them upstairs “ you can’t help notice the tall muscular younger man your wife has bought back with her . They go upstairs . You can hear them laughing whispering .

Your hands are shaking as you take the 2 glasses of wine upstairs to the bathroom . You see your wife and this younger fitter man in the bath . You can’t help staring at the size of his huge cock . “ oh derek laughs your wife be a dear show us the maggot “

Sissy/slut maid training

You can’t help these thoughts running through your head . . The feel of woman clothes on your skin . The nylons against your legs . Your desperate to serve a mistress that can help you fulfil your fantasy of being that naughty slut you always dreamt of . Perhaps mistress will show you how to apply make up correctly .. maybe she help you choose the right outfits wigs to wear . Teach you how to strut around in heels and practise your curtesy , act out a few porn poses or serve her and her friends drinks. Most of all you had secretly hoped she would humiliate you .. teach you how to be a dirty cock sucker slut ..

Financial Dom

Mistress is always on the look out for her little cash piggies !

First step is to contact me asking to deposit a gift .. I will then reply with bank details .

Once deposited I would ask you to complete an on line questionnaire email I would definitely need to know about you .. so I am able to assess if you are able to offer me what I need . I have a high maintenance life style and am often referred to as a spoilt bitch …

Controlled orgasm/ Forced cum eating

Mistress loves obedient slaves she loves to push boundaries … a full instruction of how to wank at mistress say so , includes plenty of edging , dirty talk …

Also available with an extra special touch of you eating your own cum in front of me . A posh lady always loves to be entertained !

Foot / boot shoe worship

Come worship my beautiful painted pretty dainty feet . Smell , Lick , suck , soles and each toes . My feet have been known to dangle in front of you , stroke your chest . Trample on parts of your body . Grip you , smother you .

I love to rub lots of oil in my feet .. ..

Sometimes with heavy activities my feet are really smelly and dirty it’s times like this my foot slave needs to clean them properly . Mistress loves boot shoe cleaning sluts who are welcome to come clean my boot and shoe collection .

Dress requests leather,PVC, rubber

I love dressing up on camera for you ! Leather pvc rubber the way it creaks , smells , clings to all the curves on my body . Or any other dress requests will be considered ..


I would love to take a balloon stretch it out in front of you then blow it up with my full lipstick lips . I will bounce it around first before bursting it by stamping on it using my high heels or sitting on it . .

Throw the dice

Interactive game .. throw the dices . A list of numbers with forfeits and prizes which you will see and agree to before hand .. the rest is the dice destiny . Lots of laughs for mistress and could be humiliation for you ….

Contact Me for details.