04Mar 2018

♦Lady Veronica : “ I kneel hands behind my back before you ready for inspection , offering you my service awaiting for your approval, I quiver at the thought , excitement , entering the world where pain becomes great pleasure . I love the way you look down at me confirming my unworthiness, the sweet […]

20Feb 2017

Kinky Kaz often serves me , she loves to please me by putting on kinky leather skirt and frilly white blouse . I order her to strut around and learn her curtesy. She loves the feel of leather.  I reward her by taking photos and showing her how feminine she looks ! Unfortunately for Kaz […]

12May 2015

      Gary was here for the night.  He arrived at 8pm. I always get secretly excited from a visit from him. He is a  great slave bringing me and my friends lots of alcohol to drink and a special gift for me.   He understands the more alcohol I drink the more I […]

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